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Booking and reserving accommodation

  • Accommodation may be booked electronically, via the reservation form on our website, by e-mail, or by telephone.
  • The reservation becomes binding after payment of the deposit, which is to be paid no later than the due date indicated on the deposit invoice, or as agreed with the accommodation provider.

Accommodation prices

  • The accommodation price is determined according to the price list, which is available on our website. The price includes the consumption of water, energy, Wi-Fi, parking, and local fees, which are charged per person, per day.
  • When confirming the reservation, we will ask you to pay a deposit. The amount of the deposit is set at 50% of the total price of the accommodation.
  • The price accommodation is paid by transfer to the accommodation provider’s account, or in cash, before the beginning of the agreed accommodation period (it is a firm condition that the money has already been credited to the accommodation provider’s account at the time of the start of the stay).

Cancellation Policy

  • In the event of cancellation of the reservation by the customer within 21 days before the planned arrival, the accommodation provider undertakes not to demand any cancellation fee from the customer.
  • If the reservation is cancelled 20 – 14 days before arrival, 30% of the total price of the stay will be charged as a cancellation fee.
  • If the reservation is cancelled 13 – 2 days before arrival, 50% of the total price of the stay will be charged as a cancellation fee.
  • If the reservation is cancelled 1 day before arrival, or on the day of arrival, 100% of the total price of the stay will be charged as a cancellation fee.

Start and end of accommodation

  • Accommodation is only possible for persons who show a valid identity document (ID card, passport). The accommodation provider/manager will enter the identification data from the identity document into the book of accommodated guests.
  • The accommodation provider reserves the right not to accommodate persons who have not been notified in advance, including children.
  • Pets may only be accommodated after prior agreement with the accommodation provider.
  • If the stay is not started on the agreed day, the right to the agreed accommodation expires without compensation.
  • Use of the accommodation is only for a period agreed in advance between the accommodation provider and the guest.
  • Arrival is possible on the day of the start of the stay between 15:00 and 18:00. On the final day of the stay, the guest is obliged to vacate the room by 10:00 (after mutual agreement, it is possible to adjust the arrival and departure times). If the departure time is not observed, the accommodation provider is entitled to charge the price for an additional day of accommodation.

Accommodation rules

  • The guest has the right to use a room/apartment with a kitchenette and sanitary facilities, common areas of the guesthouse, seating in the pergola, and a parking space in the yard of the guesthouse.
  • Smoking is prohibited in the entire guesthouse.
  • • Heating in the guesthouse is provided by underfloor heating; operation is provided by the operator as needed.
  • Visits of unaccommodated guests are only possible with the consent of the accommodation provider.
  • In the period from 22:00 to 07:00, the guest is obliged by to observe the peace law and refrain from making noise.
  • When leaving the room/apartment, the guest is obliged to turn off all appliances, close the windows, make sure that the water taps are closed. The guest is obliged to always close the room/apartment door after leaving, and to make sure that the door is securely locked.
  • In the event of damage, the guest is obliged to compensate for such damage.
  • The accommodation provider is not liable to the guest for damages that he/she was not responsible for.
  • The guest is obliged to comply with all of the stated accommodation rules. In the event that these rules are violated, the accommodation provider has the right to immediately terminate the accommodation services, without the guest right to a refund of the fees for the stay.
  • The guest is fully responsible for minors and pets staying with him/her.